Zero Racing、ROWE | Team T.A Motorsport & A Hard-won Champion

In August 2020, team T.A Motorsport, a special partner of Shenzhen Zero Racing, participated in the 2020 

endurance race at Ningbo International Circuit. The team sent the Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR racing cars 

to compete in the TCE group of the International Cup in this game, and was supported by three popular 

racers Mao Mao, Ruan Cunfan and Wu Jiaxin.

The temperature in Ningbo in August is quite high, the air temperature during the race is close to 40 degrees 

Celsius, and the temperature on the track is as high as 50 degrees Celsius. It is a huge challenge for racing cars 

and racers. The engine oil used in this competition is ROWE, a high-end ester oil represented by Zero Racing, 

which can maintain a good oil temperature in the face of extreme heat.

After a long offseason, these three racers of T.A Motorsport took each Thursday and Friday to improve 

their skills, meanwhile prepare for the competition. During the qualifying, the GTI car  No. 996 had a 

mechanical problem and failed to win the points, which can only start at the end.

Fortunately, after a long-night repair and technical adjustments, the car recovered smoothly. Racer Maomao 

who drove the Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR No. 996 race car to start off, and avoided the melee of other cars 

competing for APEX at high speed bends T1 and T2

 After the third lap, Maomao started to keep driving the competitors ahead and in the process surpassed 

a GT4 car. The race lasted for about 25 minutes, and Maomao surpassed the cars of the same group to 

take the lead on the inside of T7.

 At 45 minutes, T.A Motorsport started a first pause at pit stop. The pit crew changed tires and refueled, 

at the same time Ruan Cunfan joined the game. Ruan Cunfan steadily drove the car during the second stage, 

shortening the distance with other racers, and rose to the top ten.

 Except the left-behind situation during Qualifying, T.A Motorsport’s GTI TCR race car also faced the 

challenges brought by the high temperature. When the other opponents returned to the Pit Stop due to 

temperature issues, thanks to the protection of ROWE oil, this GTI became the only car in the field that 

continued to compete in the TCE group of the International Cup.

 The team has taken the lead by dozens of laps in the game. After Wu Jiaxin was replaced in the last hour, 

the team adopted a tactic by protecting the car to avoid huge consumption of the racers’ body and potential 

mechanical problem of the car. In the last 25 minutes, Maomao went back to the field and drove back successfully.

After a total of 150 minutes of the competiton, the No. 996 completed 67 laps. Mao Mao, Ruan Cunfan, 

and Wu Jiaxin finally won the championship of the International Cup TCE group!This is also the team driving 

a GTI TCR to win again after winning the ZMA race!

 This race fully demonstrated the high-level performance of the Shanwei racers and the T.A Motorsport team.  

At the same time, it has once again verified the excellent performance of ROWE engine oil in the face of harsh 

environments. While congratulating the team for winning the championship, we look forward to the success 

of the GTI car supported by ROWE.

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