The 67th Grand Prix Macau | Zero Racing and Son Veng Racing on Macau Guia

On November 22, 2020, the 67th Grand Prix Macau has come to an end. Affected by the epidemic, the most 

remarkable international GT and motorcycle events have been cancelled. There are five major events are still 

worthy of our attention. Let's take a look.


This competition is divided into 5 groups. 3 partners who are in deep cooperation with Shenzhen Zeroracing 

cover 4 major groups, they’re Son Veng Racing, T.A Motorsport, and racer Liu Yang. The events include the 

Macau Touring Car Cup, Macau GT Cup, Macau Guia Race (TCR), and Formula Four Grand Prix (F4).

The most exciting part of the Son Veng Racing is the Macau Touring Car Cup. After qualifying, the No. 6 EVO IX 

driven by Liang Xinrong of Son Veng Racing won the second place. After the warm up lap, Liang competed

 fiercely with the first EVO X. Liang led the first in the game, but unfortunately, during the final half, the car 

lost power. Liang could only start at 20th.

After the preparation on Saturday night, EVO IX has been adjusted to its best status and replaced with a 

more powerful ECU. With the experience of surpassing 20 cars in the 2019 final, Liang intends to make a 

final move. At the beginning of the game, Liang Xinrong, at the 20th place on the grid, had chased to third 

place on the fifth lap. In front of him were 1600cc racer Badaraco and his opponent Huang Yunlong. After 

one lap, he successfully took the first place. After that, Liang entered the final lap after a safety car situation.

Unfortunately, in the last half of the lap, due to the engine could not be restarted, Liang missed the champion. 

Although Liang didn’t win the championship, but his performance is undoubtedly the most surprising highlight. 

The fastest lap result is the best proof.

Although the EVO IX did not qualify for the championship, the Son Veng Racing in the 1600cc group of the 

Touring Car Cup still brought outstanding performance. In the 1600cc Touring Car Cup, Badaraco and Chen 

Yongtong, both drove the No. 28 Cruze and won the champion.

After the preparation and the understanding of the opponent, Badaraco even tried to challenge the opponents 

in the 2000cc group. But taking into account the actual situation and the premise of ensuring that the Cruze 

chariot completes the race smoothly, he dispeled his idea and finally finished fourth in the game.

As the Macau GT race was affected by the previous project, the Guia Race (TCR) has been reduced to 5 laps. 

Huang Guihua from Hong Kong quarantined for 14 days in advance and cherished this game very much. 

The BMW M4 GT4 that was driven by him for the first time and won third place in the trials. A good start 

to the game on Sunday. Li Zihao, who was in the same group as Huang Guihua, was also driving an 

M4 GT4 in Macau for the first time.

On the day of the final, Huang Guihua, as an experienced racer, played steadily throughout the game. During the 

final lap, Huang Guihua suddenly accelerated, surpassing the third car and finally won the third place in the GT4 group.

This year is the second year of cooperation between Zeroracing and Son Veng Racing. In recent years, 

Son Veng Racing has successively used ROWE motor oils exclusively represented by Zeroracing. The stability 

of ROWE oil and ester oil help the engine release more power. In the future, Son Veng Racing will pursue 

higher challenges. Wait and see!

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