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Shenzhen Zeroracing Auto Parts Company Limited (referred to herein below as Zeroracing for short) was established in Shenzhen City in 2002. Over the years we have won over 5000 customers at domestic and abroad. Starting from “Zero” and creating value, Zeroracing has adhered to the business philosophy of “beyond the self, braving innovation, constantly improving and promoting customer satisfaction”. By to be distributor of premium international brands from Europe, USA and Japan and so on,Zeroracing introducing the world famous and high-end automobile tuning parts to China market.We aim for massing more and more premium international brands, to strengthen product competitiveness and provide high-quality and cost-effective product to customers and to build long-term and good customer relationship. Rich domain knowledge, extensive sales network and good customer interaction, grasping powerfully market demands and development trends, innovating and creating product value for China automotive aftermarket greatly forms Zeroracing’s core competence.

Zeroracing, as a multinational trading company, is headquartered in Shenzhen and cooperating with numerous business teams covering most Asian Markets, and set up branches in Japan and Hong Kong.We also have many cooperating companies in Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea, which is a strong foundation for developing the Asian markets. We firmly believe that Zeroracing brand is the best quality assurance in China high-end automobile aftermarket.

16- We have experience in automobile high-end aftermarket field of more than 16 years; 

35- We are the agents of 35 international first-class automobile spare parts brands; 

5000- We cooperate with stores and customers of more than 5000.

​The first day Shenzhen Zero racing appeared in AIT modification show, a lot of pictures came!

The first day Shenzhen Zero racing appeared in AIT modification show, a lot of pictures came!

On December 14, 2018, AIT Gongguan refitting exhibition (full name: China international automobile upgrade kit & refitting exhibition 2018) is held in Guangdong modern international exhibition center as expected.

For this exhibition, Shenzhen Zero racing is full of sincerity, 440 square meters of exhibition area, more than 10 kinds of exhibition brands, hundreds of exhibits...For those who are not able to attend the exhibition, numerous pictures have been prepared for you, please have a look~~

Photo: product lines under RAYS are very rich, including VOLK RACING, VERSUS, GRAM LIGHTS, HOMURA, WALTZ FORGED, 57 MOTOR SPORT, DAYTONA, BLACK FLEET, ECO DRIVE GEAR, HFULLCROSS, KC DECOR and other sub-brands. Obviously these series of products also appeared in the 2018 AIT Gongguan refitting exhibition.

Photo: as a valve exhaust brand, Capristo is a special existence, which can be perfectly proved by the roaring exhaust video in the scene of Zero racing or the exquisite Capristo exhibits.

Photo: Spanish Galfer brake pad products that have long cooperated with F1, WEC, WTCC MOTO GP and other international competitions

JRZ suspension

HJS three-way catalyst

TTE turbine

ROWE engine oil

WT intercooler

GruppleM air intake system

CPM chassis reinforcement

Photo: Ac-13 high performance additive, which helps greatly increase horsepower output, greatly reduce mechanical running wear, reduce engine mechanical noise, and protect the engine from cold start.

Photo: Lilead battery and “easy to start”

Photo: GRATECH carbon fiber outer parts

Photo:P-Gear velometer

There are two days left for AIT refitting exhibition (December 14-16)

Booth C-l01Shenhen Zero racing is waiting for you here!

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