New Release of 2 Fine RAYS Cast Wheels

RAYS cast wheels are with various designs and good reliability. Among them, the gramLIGHTS series are

 quite common in the events and streets use. In addition, another cast series VERSUS almost look perfect 

on most of the large vehicles in the market due to its unique cutting process.


As a follow-up style of 57FXX, the “Z” in the “57FXZ” has an ultimate meaning. Meanwhile, this cast 

wheel is full of sports elements and capable of metting the needs of strong quantification and high rigidity.

The gem design in the face structure is one of its selling points. There is an opening design at the junction 

of each set of Y-shaped spokes, enabling consumers to enjoy the joy of the sports wheel while having high 

cost performance. In addition to the JDM car models, the overseas version with the “Overseas Mode” 

suffix also enables more car models to choose 57FXZ.

About 57FXZ

With RCF processing, the internal structure is precisely formed when the wheels are strenched by rotating 

after casting, making the wheels lighter (thinner) and stronger. What’s more, the width of the wheels can 

be selected in increments of 1/2J to meet all needs.

The high quality is presented by the patented AMT technology and processed gramLIGTHS letters. In addition, 

in the RBC color, due to the prism effect, the wheel can emit seven colors of light, bringing a more luxurious feeling.





VERSUS Craft Collection Triaina 

Thanks to the diamond visual effect of each wheel spoke, "Black Diamond" therefore is the official evaluation 

of this VERSUS Craft Collection Triaina (hereinafter referred to as Triaina). The more three-dimensional design 

conception also proves the officail RAYS’ confidence towards this wheel.

As a premium solution of the wheels modification for large vehicles such as the Toyota Land Cruiser series 

and the Alphard, the luxury shown by TRIAINA matches well with these large car models.

About the new TRIAINA

The RAYS logo made of special resin is prominent on the red metal. It has rich material as well as excellent 

outdoor durability.

Although the wheel has a black looking overall, it still looks like a black diamond from the lights after being 

polished with the diamond-cutting process.

The center cap adopts a new logo, and the specially processed red transparent part gives people a high-level visual sense.


Surface details




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